Project Overview

The homeowner, who works in advertising, has a delicate and precise sense of design and aesthetics, and a sentimental attachment to the European country stone house. At the beginning of the space design, the contemporary stone house is regarded as a prototype, responding to the respect of European houses for the original structure, while keeping the space open and bright. A crossbeam is drawn on the wall surface to reflect the level of living space. In addition to serving as the boundary of the brick wall, it is also a platform to display the art of living.

Project Commissioner

Jmarvel Interior Design

Project Creator

Jmarvel Interior Design


JMID Interior is composed of a group of people from different design backgrounds. All the members specialize in interior design, architectural design, process design, visual communication, advertising design and other majors. JMID Interior tries to integrate talents and professional knowledge from various fields, views design from multiple perspectives, and commits itself to the future development direction of space, integrating youth, vitality and diversity into space. The design concept is full of humor and interest in life, emphasizing nature, humanity and clear original design. In design, a beautiful quality life specially crafted is created through smooth moving lines and artistic materials. We believe that the best design is to let people experience the initial and final touch of life.

Project Brief

With the multi-layer pattern of the house, it is designed with the brick wall, and the ceiling is designed with inclined plates while retaining the original height, so as to transform it into the natural stone wall and ceiling of the suburban stone house. The wall in the space is dominated by grey bricks for ancient houses, which are made of old bricks removed from foreign buildings. The original height of the house is maintained for the interior, and the central crossbeam is decorated with inclined plates, echoing the pitched roof of the suburban resort house.

"Hierarchical life" is the homeowner's expectation for the home. In contrast to the opening of the first floor, the second floor is a private space. In order to avoid the overly rigid design of the first and second floors, before entering the bedroom, a living space is designed to be combined with a small study, so as to switch the life scenes with the mood and leave some room for the pace of life.

Project Innovation/Need

The only part of the space to be removed and reconstructed is the staircase, because the cement staircase originally located in the middle of the house breaks the spatial pattern. We will redefine the appearance and position of the staircase, and solve the heavy volume and pattern interference of the space by using the rotating staircase in the elevated area. The ribbon-like curvature spreads to the second floor slab and railing, and the light appearance increases the height invisibly and also makes the three-dimensional sense of space. After removing the staircase, the rear space on the first floor is completed, and the scale of the two rooms is reduced, so as to re-plan it into an open kitchen. The depth of field before and after the space is created by the convex and concave pattern, and with dark color, different purity of black is used to distinguish the living room from the kitchen.

Design Challenge

I think design comes from life. Through the dialogue between the designer and the user, the value of design is to be integrated in the objects and fields in life through the specific interpretation in every detail of life, and it can act as a bridge to provide a beautiful life, and extend to every place widely. All the design works are natural and clear in style and create a harmonious proportion by using the hidden axial relationship in space.


We intend to add new materials in the design to respond to the concealment of certain parts of the stone house. Special paint is used for all bedrooms to create a mysterious, rough and elegant atmosphere with mottled and scattered surface texture like cloud and ink, interpreting the chic and fancy annotation in the simple tone.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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