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Pepsi Max Fan House: Powered by Passion [DRAFT]


Project Overview

Football isn’t a game, it’s a passion. Pepsi Max Fan House: Powered by Passion was a unique brand activation at Champions Festival during the weekend of the United Champions League Final in Cardiff. The experience activated the passions of the fans and reflected the football fan journey in a fun and realistic way.




PepsiCo Design & Innovation
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Project Brief

The driving concept behind the Pepsi Max Fan House at the UEFA Champions Festival in 2017 was the challenge to activate the passion of the fans within the space and create interactions that reflected the excitement of the UEFA Champions League Final experience. Pepsi Max generated this passion through three different sources: an immersive football journey, a passion reactive vending machine, and a play to power foosball table. The idea of passion was visually displayed as light bursts traveled around the tent to a central focal point, the “Powered by Passion” light box.

Project Need

Pepsi Max Fan House: Powered by Passion brought to life the passion of the fans in a whole new way with an event that combined live actors, virtual reality and innovative technology for a completely immersive fan experience.

User Experience

The 2017 UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff is the biggest football event in the world. The vision for PepsiCo’s presence at the UEFA Champion’s League Final in Cardiff started with a cohesive approach to the overall campaign and hospitality strategy. The challenge was to unite five tiers of guests over the course of four events with three brands in two days for a united and unforgettable experience, including the Pepsi Max Fan House at Champions Festival.


The immersive football journey consisted of three parts:

Future Locker Room
Here, fans experienced a simulated game day experience. To start, visitors
sat beneath personalized digital jerseys and listened to a manager’s pep talk
in virtual reality. The manager then appeared in from of them, encouraging
team rivalry.

Interactive Tunnel
Led inside by a manager, as they walked through, players were immersed in a
sensorial experience, complete with blowing breeze, the smell of fresh grass, and the muffled roar of the waiting crowd.

Interactive Football Pitch
On the pitch, a target appeared on the wall and if players hit it, the simulated
crowd would react with passionate approval. If players missed, they were met with looks of disappointment.

Another aspect of the experience was the Passion Reactive Vending Machine. As fans stood in front of the machine, the screen urged them to “Show How Much It Means.” The screen counted down: 3-2-1… ROAR! As a photo was snapped, fans customized their image before sharing it to the fan wall, which appeared beneath the DJ booth. Fans also had the option to share on their own social channels to show just how passionate they are. A mini can was dispensed as light surged from the machine to the center of the stand, illuminating the “Powered by Passion” light box.

The event reached over 207,000 people on social media, 33,000 drinks were enjoyed and over 1,900 people participated in the immersive football experience.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for a business event. Consideration given to originality, creativity; theming;  audience connection and engagement and how the event created a seamless experience for the visitor and helped to reinforce the program's core message
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