Project Overview

As gentle and soft as sunrise and dust covering the sky, Mumu Dermatology Clinic takes care of patients' skin with a humble and attentive attitude. The elements of wooden material, light gray, white, and soft lights, contribute to a sense of calm strength, with a persistent faith, positive attitude and warmth like sunlight. To echo the spirit of the clinic's service and to provide a comfortable environment for the patients, the designer applies brushed wood veneers, marbles, artistic coating and stone flooring to offer a sense of tranquility. The lighting, as the highlight of the design, offers a sense of time slowing down, representing patients' fights against age. The spatial design gives one a chance to think about self-love and attention to focus in the moment.


Limo Design CO., LtD


Ya-Jung Hsieh

Project Brief

Walking in from the entrance, one can firstly see the translucent glass panels that shows the interior of the waiting area before getting inside. The streams of lights on the ceiling and under the counter guide the visual attention, extending to the staircases and the walls. The dark colors of the wooden lattice walls contrast with highlights of the illumination and white counter, creating a visual focus and frame of the waiting area.
Depicting the misty valley under the morning sunrise or a cloudy twilight, the designer paints out the moments of translucency, of the ever-changing colors, of someone's expectation of the warm glow, of the two magical moments in the world. When the precise, gentle lighting flows down, it shades lights on the dark counter wall with golden coating metal sign that offers a calm personality to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the waiting area on the right side is applied with different shades of gray. The curved wall surface is brushed to round the corners. The warm lights under the seats and semi-floating arrangement both contribute to a comfortable feeling for patients to wait without too much worry.

Project Innovation/Need

Following guides of the lighting design, the image of the misty valley streams through the whole space, going down through the staircases till the lower floor. The light strips flow down to the bottom of the walls as if the streams that converge to the foot of a mountain. The design language intuitively leads the patients to a straightforward clinic hallway. While the lines of light frames extend the spatial perception, they also add layers upon layers to create an innovative sense of depth and futurism. Through the changes of lighting design, the spatial images of nature are then transitioned to a clean and neat space where it gives a sense of hope in the future.

Design Challenge

Similar to picture frames in the gallery, the overlapping tilting lines and squarish frames correspond to the rounded corner of the walls. The traffic flow is then presented more fluidly, powerful yet straightforward for the patients to appreciate how perception of time is slowed down gently through visual impact of the design. While the clinic offers a comfortable ambience and a reliable service, the design echoes with the professionality. Every patient can get to appreciate a wonderful visual feast calmly in the poetic space of preciseness.


The whole building is applied with national F1-grade certified products for low formaldehyde emission, and the artistic coating replaces traditional harmful coatings. While ensuring to lower the harmful air pollutants, the artistic coating can also decrease the burden for eyes due to its feature of flat light mineral elements. In addition, the waiting area on the second floor is partitioned as "one table per person" to lower contacts between patients. This arrangement corresponding to the situation of the Pandemic can relieve the tension while waiting.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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