Project Overview

A rectangular-shaped residence divided equally into public and private spaces strikes a balance between bustle and tranquility in life. The curved design language throughout the residence gently and smoothly connects different functional areas. Indirect lighting flows like a river stream, making the space glow with a thin light, setting off different textures of various materials. Collective storage rooms and inclusive functionality of the space contribute to a life with orders and tranquility. Through changes of textures, translucent partitions, and a smooth flow, residents are guided from the richness of a dark color palette in the public area to a much brighter and livelier private space.


Shih-shih Interior Design Co., Ltd.


Chia-Pei Lin
Hsin-Ju Hu
Ke-Ren Chang
Wei-Peng Liu

Project Brief

A quarter circle of different material connects the entrance and the living room. Luminate plank flooring as the base, metallic-looking marble as the wall, special coating, classic trim walls, and Quadra-patterned glass as decoration, contributing to abundant texture varieties. Through the harmonious blend of consistent color tone full of different layers, the designer gets to create a recreational area that is smooth and charming. The softness of ruddy pink sofa textile beautifully and indistinctly divides the living room and the study. Straight lines of the open steel shelves accompanied with fluid embedded lights outline a routine life with orders.
Following the curved surface of the wall, the kitchen is consistently applied with the design language of the living room. Classic trimming doors of the shelving offer more details to the modernist and simplest color of grey; Curved lines around the corner and embedded dim glow under the floating cabinets shape the whole space into a complete whole. The chandeliers project crystal clear lights and shadows on dark-colored wooden floor, ceiling and the greyish marble kitchen island with fluid patterns. Quadra-patterned glass sliding doors with glass brick wall, the translucent partitions, not only divide the private and public space but also allow light to shine through, creating different patterns of silhouette based on different thickness and shape of the glass.

Project Innovation/Need

The hidden doors to private areas on the grey walls help neatly organize the spatial transitions. Through the contrast of brightness and color, a way different spatial perception ingeniously guides the residents to feel a sharp sense of transition. Colors and lighting in the master room and children’s rooms embody personalities and character traits of one’s inner world, jumping from maturity, calmness, and wisdom of the sea blue to a light Spanish pink’s vigor and gentleness. Hexagon ceramic tiles and the grey color shade of the master bathroom greatly differ from the colorful terrazzo walls of the children's bathroom.

Design Challenge

Public area with a mature and restrained color palette creates a mysterious and elegant charisma. Use of textures, patterns, flow arrangement and lighting design help establish smooth spatial transitions. A great skill to apply various materials and tones to the design achieves the imagination of residents’ private spaces.


All materials in the design meet the standard of green building materials certificates, which include coating and veneers. With choices of selective materials, the designer makes sure the living environment is safe and healthy for the residents.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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