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Project Overview

An estimated 8 million Australians (1 in 3) suffer from symptoms associated with liver disease with over 400,000 living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

Hepatitis Victoria introduces LiverWELL, a free interactive app that is a practical tool to help people optimise their liver health.


Hepatitis Victoria

Project Context

There are many health apps around but they tend to be either for specialist clinicians or from those promoting a healthier diet. LiverWELL has been informed and tested by people living with hepatitis.

People with hepatitis and liver disease need practical tools that remind them to take their medications, schedule their appointments, record their test results and keep their personal health notes all in one place. The beauty of LiverWELL is that everyone with a mobile phone now has this option within their grasp.

Project Innovation

THEApp is an easy to use mobile app to help people manage their liver health with:
Lifestyle tracker and recommendations
Assistance to diagnosis, treatment and management of hepatitis B and hepatitis C
Information about liver health and self-management.

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