2017 TECH Design Awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)

Dimble [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

Dimble is an easy way for people to search for clothes through a number of different retailers - it allows people to naturally search by using a dynamic sentence. For example, you can build up a dynamic sentence and say "I am looking for black jeans, in size 7, that are ripped". Dimble takes the hassle out of shopping on different retailers websites and brings it all into one place.




The Project team is made up of mobile development agency Lexel, including Jason Gaved (Managing Director of Lexel), Zoe Hedinger, Jano Amigo, Alex Papasavva, Warren De Leon and George Smeros.

Project Brief

Lexel's brief was simple - the client wanted a way to easily search for products by building up a natural sentence. This means the user can easily build up a sentence and say "I'm looking for black jeans that are size 8 and made by Asos" without having hundreds of filters. The client wanted to integrate a number of different affiliate feeds, which presented a number of challenges as the affiliates provide product information in different ways.

Project Need

Dimble understood there was a gap in the market as other applications were not easy to use. When conducting research Dimble also found that most applications were using multiple checkouts for different retailers, this means that you could find yourself having to enter card and address details for each retailer - Dimble eliminates this completely by having one checkout for all retailers, this provides the ultimate shopping experience.

The end result is a mobile application that works with iOS and Android (Phone and Tablet) with a user friendly interface and massively enhanced user experience compared to any other application on the market.

User Experience

User Experience is extremely important to Lexel and the client, one of the initial issues Lexel encountered was how to dynamically build up a sentence that felt natural for the end user.

Simplicity is key and Lexel and Dimble found a way to have a cross-retailer basket, that allowed people to purchase from different stores in the same application. This means you don't need to leave the mobile application!

The final result is a unique mobile application, unlike anything else on the market today. It allows you to find what the clothes you are looking for, quickly and allows you to search across multiple retailers and checkout in one place rather than having to go to too different stores.

Project Marketing

This project had a soft launch in 2017 and has had a great response. Dimble have marketed the application through social media and email campaigns. The feedback so far has been that people love using the application!

Project Privacy

Privacy is taken extremely seriously at Lexel and this means that we ensure that all requests are encrypted and the application uses oAuth to authenticate a users session.

Whether it's the online, VR, AR or IRL there's a tech solution to enrich the experience and increase customer engagement when spending money. This category recognises that tech fuels the retail experience and rewards solutions that increase engagement and user experience while shopping. 
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