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24 February - Launch Deadline
26 May - Standard Deadline
18 August - Extended Deadline
23 August - Judging
8 September - Winners Announced
24 October - Awards Presentation

Sensible Lover - Romantic Metaverse Installation [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

Sensible Lover is a permanent interactive generative installation empowered by cutting-edge Metaverse technology. The beauty of its connotations makes it full of profound cosmic immersive appeal, this innovative yet intuitive artwork transcends the physical limitations of space and time. Sensible Lover endows people with new interactions, new inspirations and new collisions within public spaces.

Project Commissioner

Zhongguancun No.1 Park

Project Creator

Sencity Corporation


Sencity, a Sydney based interactive experience company reimagining connected public spaces. Providing new outlets for information, entertainment, and experience, Sencity is changing the way we think about responsibility, and imbuing the urban environment with moments of joy. Sencity has witnessed a series of collaborations with the fashion, art, and technology industries, with successful projects across Sydney, New York and Beijing.

Project Brief

The design of Sensible Lover is a cohesion of the scientific spirit and humanistic feelings of Zhongguancun No.1 Park - one of the largest scientific parks in Asia. The deep hearted wisdom and feelings are shared with those who pass by – by integrating the emotions and creative perceptions of their behavior, the flow and gestation of time can be felt, coupled by the endless surge of technological vigor and romance.

Sensible Lover is dotted with controlled random beauty and exemplifies the transcendence of time and species using Generative Art - this is a novel design methodology to create a tangible Metaverse experience.

Project Innovation/Need

In one of the largest scientific parks in Asia, Sensible Lover gives the public space new inspiration and spiritual impacts with the use of self-developed SenCoreJS sensor modules and public space interaction engine SencityOS. Sensible Lover also marks the beginning of the interactive Metaverse, and the yearning for a better urban life of the future.

With the use of the self-developed SencityMagic sensor module and the public space interaction engine SencityOS, Sensible Lover also induces the notion that people and public spaces can influence each other, restart their perception and aesthetic emotions and find their own positive inner strength.

Design Challenge

This installation has become an iconic landmark in Beijing. Stainless steel and eco-aware design techniques were applied to the making of this installation throughout the entire innovative process. Sensible Lover at its very core radiates thoughts throughout the distant galaxy. In this vast romantic galaxy, the emotions released by oneself are elevated by the wind of science and technology.

Resonance is used as a contemporary buffer zone for the crowd to release their emotions upon. Sophisticated design and technology is used to evoke inner emotions and to show the power of collision, but at the same time it also conveys a sense of hope and desire for the future community.


By walking through the endless corridors of time and space between created within Sensible Lover, and by confronting the light and shadows of the cyber era, the dazzling light effects are as if dancing swords and halberds are waved in front of each passer-by. Allowing them to immerse themselves in the era of Metaverse romance. This is an innovative approach for creating a landmark in public spaces, reducing the potential waste of deploying too much digital signage in the park. Sensible Lover is a combination of futuristic interactive signage combined with cutting-edge experience Metaverse experiences.

This award celebrates innovative and creative design for a temporary building or interior, exhibition, pop up site, installation, fixture or interactive element. Consideration given to materials, finishes, signage and experience.
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