Key Dates

24 February - Launch Deadline
26 May - Standard Deadline
28 July - Late Deadline
23 August - Judging
8 September - Winners Announced
25 October - Awards Presentation




Project Overview

We gave a community sports focussed business the tools to create real impact for their audience with a grass roots approach to their brand.

Project Commissioner

Club Map

Project Creator



Jordan Stokes - Creative Director
Caroline Leung - Design Director
Alanna Roy Bentley - Designer

Ella Campbell - Strategy Director
Laura Bell - UX Lead
Control Studio - Digital Design
Shane Korin - Technical Lead
Matt Timson - Animator

Project Brief

In late 2020 we were approached by TD Community Solutions to help them update their brand identity and embrace a new digital focus.

Six months later the business had a new name, a completely new brand and digital platform that was re-imagining the way that they do business with community sports organisations.

The model of the business is to educate and guide community clubs to create their own success, through workshops, training and custom health check tools. The highly expert team are passionate and experienced sports administration consultants that recognise the connection between community sports and the community at large; understanding that when one of them thrives, so does the other.

They wanted a way to scale their business and the programs they offer to help as many communities throughout Australia as possible. So what started as a simple marketing brief, quickly grew into something much more than they expected when we showed them what was possible for them and clubs that they help.

Project Innovation/Need

We delivered a dynamic new brand for Clubmap, one that was born of the grass roots culture that they thrive in. We created a brand language and system of guiding graphics that could help make even the most complex of topics easy to explain.

Their new digital platform used simple but smart integrations to help them promote, manage and grow their webinar programs through the website and their CRM. It also gave them a content hub that could help showcase their wealth of knowledge and expertise through video and long form content.

The platform helped create an online presence for the brand like they’d never imagined and created a considerate and engaging way for the business to educate and inform potential clients, then convert those leads seamlessly.

Across the entire scope of deliverables we built the brand as a library of components so that everything from illustration to layouts to motion elements could be used with limited design experience by their internal teams and content creators.

Design Challenge

TD Community Solutions was set up in 2015 to help struggling community sports clubs get their off field game back on track. Founded by Terry Dillion whose wealth of sports administration experience gained at some of Australia’s biggest sporting franchises was the foundation of the business, but it also made the business unscalable beyond the man himself.

The business’ original audience felt almost unobtainable. Time and cash poor community sports club volunteers and local government administrators that were equally stretched.

We decided to use the original brief as an opportunity to re-position the business away from a traditional consulting business and into a digitally focussed education provider.

Through the personality, flexibility and application of the brand we were able to engage with; not only existing audiences but open the door to new and exciting opportunities with brand partners and national sporting bodies that were excited and energised by the CLUBMAP proposition.


"The switch from TD Community Solutions to CLUBMAP was seamless. Not only was the new brand experience well received by existing partners and clients, but since launching CLUBMAP in July 2021 the business has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

The business’ weekly webinar program has increased its attendances from an average of 30 people to 130 people in most sessions with the CLUBMAP mailing list growing at over 100 people per week consistently.

CLUBMAP has had to almost double in size to keep up with the new opportunities and the new brand has helped facilitate partnerships with national sporting bodies such as AQIA (Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance) and Cricket Australia along with brand partnerships with global consumer brands (NDA).

Goodness has helped transform our community-focussed business with a distinctive, contemporary and representative brand identity. Their thorough and immersive process not only produced an attractive, memorable look and feel, it pushed us to understand why we do what we do, who we do it for and how to communicate it to the world.

The comprehensive CLUBMAP brand guides our every interaction. Feedback has been positive across the board – from grassroots community to governing bodies and national brands, everyone ‘gets’ CLUBMAP and its purpose. Website traffic has increased, webinar attendance has risen and overall engagement has grown, along with opportunities for strategic partnership. Significantly, business turnover has doubled in the first six months of the brand being live." Mark Campbell, Co-founder

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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