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28 July - Late Deadline
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25 October - Awards Presentation

Bayley House - Website Design and Development [DRAFT]




Project Overview

First opening its door in 1951, Bayley House offers vital community services to adults with intellectual disabilities – social supports, activities, and education towards increased independence. Bayley House required a new website incorporating the latest accessibility upgrades and User Experience (UX) design principles to better provide for their community. COVID-19 provided further impetus for Bayley House’s website upgrade – the accessible, user-friendly site has become an important mode of connection and communication for this community.

Project Commissioner

Bayley House

Project Creator

Rock Agency

Project Brief

Given Rock Agency’s involvement with other disability services – including Vision Australia, and Reach Social Supports – Bayley House recognised a fit between their goals and our passion and advocacy for best-practise digital accessibility design.

The new website needed to be able to attract interest from families and potential clients; while at the same time provide better systems of communication and support for existing clients and their families.

It needed to improve internal systems for managing data, donations, events, bookings, product sales and payments; while representing the organisation's history, values and integrity through thoughtful content that, in turn, might invite further funding and donations.

Creatively, the website required clean, contemporary design; communicating warmth, connection and care, and representing the Bayley House team as both approachable and professional.

Accessibility measures have been incorporated at every level – from streamlining the website’s architecture for easier navigation, through to including a full-spectrum accessibility menu that accommodates options to change contrast, text size, cursor size, and line height; and has dyslexia-friendly settings. It’s an important way Bayley House demonstrates their care for the community, and a commitment to put their clients first.

Project Need

We’ve made accessibility and design cleanliness the main focus of the project and kept a ‘user-first’ approach front of mind. Considering the majority of Bayley Houses users have disabilities, we’ve helped Bayley House deliver an aligned digital presence – one that helps deliver a higher level of service, enhances communication and connection, and builds community.

We’ve incorporated:
Accessibility controls
An activity booking system
Stories & celebrations of achievements
Access to online activities
Respite bookings system
A calendar of events
Latest news
Handbooks, brochures and policies
Volunteering & employment opportunities

User Experience

Bayley House’s new website was delivered at a crucial time for the organisation – at the end of May 2021, right before Melbourne went to its second extended COVID lockdown. Many in Bayley House’s community are vulnerable in terms of health, and the new website was also able to be a place for community connection, coordinating and delivering online activities.

Project Marketing

“We could not be happier with the service and outcomes delivered by the Rock Team! They distilled complex content and designs into a clear easy-to-use and functional site, right on brief!” – Bayley House

Project Privacy

The website is compliant with Australian laws. Bayley House’s privacy policy is clearly visible and incorporates large text for accessibility (which can also be altered further through the accessibility menu). Bayley House is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the people whose information it collects. Bayley House is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in Schedule 1 of the Act.

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