Project Overview

Addicted to Audio is one of Australasia’s leading distributors in products and accessories for the Consumer Electronics, Audio Visual, Professional Audio, Technology, and IT markets. They sell Focal powered by Naim; designed and built in France and one of the world's most prestigious speaker brands.

Concept ensured the entire building had perfect acoustics, so the customer could experience the full scale of the audio products. The result was not your average retail store, but a multi-level space that provides clients with a luxurious, immersive knowledge and experience of these top end speakers.

Project Commissioner

Addicted to Audio (Focal Powered by Naim)

Project Creator

Concept Commercial Interiors


Sales Director: Ben Mensink
Designer: Julia Bacon
Project Management: Adam Retsas /Brad Coles

Project Brief

Focal by powered by Naim collaborated with Concept to create a space that highlighted the prestigious nature of their audio products.

Combining the warmth of fine materials with the modernity of concrete and glass, this luxurious space covers almost 6000 sq.ft. (550m²) and several floors. As part of the Focal powered by Naim brand, Melbourne's flagship store needed to harmonise with the other existing global retail stores - in both luxury design and client experience.

The retail space was designed and built in a way that allowed customers to explore and interact with the products available in a relaxed, almost residential environment with a modern retro style.

Located on bustling Church Street in Melbourne, the intention was to not only welcome customers who previously knew of Focal powered by Naim, but also to attract the patrons walking by. The result? Cementing their position as the future of luxury Retail.

Project Innovation/Need

Music is much more than just rhythm and melody - it can stimulate the senses and free our emotions, transporting us to different worlds. At this iconic Melbourne location, listening takes on a whole new dimension.

Concept created a flagship Australian retail space to help discerning customers "listen beyond" and live a transformational sensorial experience through high-fidelity audio solutions.

Focal's new store was designed to give customers a complete and immersive experience with the brand. From the moment you walk in, you are enveloped in sound, with demo stations set up throughout the store so you can try out the products in different settings. The store also features four dedicated listening rooms, where customers can experience the full potential of Focal's unrivalled high-end audio products.

The design is a great example of how acoustics can be used to create a unique and memorable customer experience. The organic fluid design and timber battening mimic the fluidity of sound vibrations and enhance acoustics. By carefully designing the space and selecting each element with care, Concept has created a store that is truly one of a kind, allowing customers to experience sound in a whole new way.

Design Challenge

Housing such luxurious goods meant that not only did the interiors need to be opulent and timeless, but it also needed to be acoustically sound. Every element of the design was developed to showcase these impressive sound systems.

Concept used 100kg doors, special glue and three layers of wall until we were satisfied that the acoustics of the space were perfectly balanced. Design-led acoustic treatments were also used on the walls and ceiling throughout.


Much of the product used is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine and is Australian Forestry Standard chain of custody certified.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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