Project Overview

Proxima, an AI platform that helps their customers streamline communication, asked MASS to rebrand their platform, 'IRIS by Proxima', to 'Pattr'. The platform is used by companies like Lifeline, Yarra Trams, and the Democratic National Committee to manage real-time customer conversations across multiple channels.

Project Commissioner

Pattr (formerly Proxima)

Project Creator


Project Brief

Our challenge was to design an identity that was able to easily demonstrate what the technically complicated platform does. This was difficult to communicate as the original brand and website were clouded by a lot of technical jargon, and had a very strong focus on the technology driving the platform. We had to create a brand that would appeal to both Marketing and I.T. audiences, so we needed the focus to shift to highlighting the benefits of the product, rather than the technology itself.

Project Innovation/Need

We focused on one thing all audiences relate to; conversations.

Our strategy to simplify the message; Pattr is about streamlining communication across customer channels.

Design Challenge

We designed a simple wordmark with an underline, vaguely suggesting a speech bubble but can also be interpreted as a switch, hinting at technology or a new party entering the conversation. It’s a visual metaphor allowing users to visualise conversations by connecting nodes.

The 'conversation' line connects objects, provides structure, and is an illustration tool; an audio wave, a frame, a scribble, connecting voices and directing the eye.

The copy is direct, using two different typefaces suggesting different voices. The colour palette is friendly and warm, unlike competitor brands.


The rebrand has helped position the business as a market leader. By repositioning the brand around the benefits to the end customer, Pattr stands out from its more technically-focused competitors. By talking about the broader benefits to the user, rather than the technical merits of the platform, we have been able to broaden Pattr's client base. We are allowing marketers to buy into technology more easily and with more confidence.

The new Pattr brand gives staff more clarity around what they are there to do. They have embraced the brand, successfully using it to create various new marketing materials.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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