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9 December 2021 - Launch Deadline
17 March - Standard Deadline
16 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
7 July - Winners Announced
9 August - Awards Presentation

Hellobike Moveable Battery Swap Cabinet MS-061 [DRAFT]

Project Overview

Electric bikes(e-bikes), which run on two-pedal power augmented by rechargeable batteries, have whopping market value among a public that has shown no slowdown in demand for energy. But the traditional charging services have yet to address problems in different spheres, including in user experience, the market and government management. Many places frequently report fire accidents, making safety a huge concern for the entire society in electricity consumption.


Fujian Ningde Huizhiwuxian Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Brief

Hellobike Moveable Battery Swap Cabinet MS-061 is designed based on the big data of cyclists’ travelling demand. Every one to two kilometers will see an intelligent lithium-battery swap cabinet, thus creating a sound battery operation system. Users can swap the battery in merely four steps, from scanning the code, opening the cabinet, to swapping the battery and then completing the whole process. MS-061 features fast energy replenishment, better motility, long range and no charging.

Project Innovation/Need

The product adopts a “H” logo, the brand image of HelloBike, to impress users. Also it embodies the brand’s pursuit of using smart technology to connect men and road, and thus facilitating the travelling experience.

Design Challenge

Battery and chargers are the source of e-bike fire accidents, and thus enhancing the full-cycle management of batteries is the biggest challenge. MS-061 has a built-in waterproof and lightning-protection device. The battery compartment is set to a constant temperature, which helps keep the battery capacity. Once emergency such as smoking takes place, extinguishing fire and calling the police functions will be activated. And the maintenance staff nearby will reach the designated position. The big data platform will conduct real-time monitoring during the swapping process and relevant data will be uploaded to the smart platform of the government, thus enhancing the safety of the cabinet.


A much more convenient energy supply will be secured through swapping batteries instead of charging batteries. On the one hand, it reduces the purchasing cost of e-bikes and eliminates the safety hazards resulted from charging e-bikes indoors, which helps the government’s management of fire safety. On the other hand, e-bikes used to use lead-acid cell as the power source, which harms the environment, has a limited range, and takes a long time to charge. But our product which provides lithium batteries in the form of swap cabinet allow users to scan the code to get enough energy supply for the e-bike, providing a more convenient and pollution-free energy supply. The swapping of batteries extend the range for the e-bike which can almost cover a long distance travelling in the city, marking new applicable scenarios for the lithium batteries.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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