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9 December 2021 - Launch Deadline
17 March - Standard Deadline
16 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
7 July - Winners Announced
9 August - Awards Presentation

A brand activation that equates CARE Australia with women [DRAFT]



Project Overview

CARE Australia is an international humanitarian aid organisation, with a focus on working with women and girls to make lasting change in their communities.

We partnered with CARE to build a strategy and campaign to launch their brand activation, showcasing the important work they do with women around the world.

Project Commissioner

CARE Australia

Project Creator



Aziza Mohamed, Tahnee Phin, Alex Bennett, Georgia Gibson

Project Brief

We worked with CARE Australia to develop ‘Her Circle’. Launched on International Women’s Day, 2022, the campaign showcased important work they do with women and girls, while activating and centering their brand on the important role women play in communities globally.

The campaign needed to achieve the following goals:
1. Raise greater awareness of the CARE Australia brand and mission amongst a new target audience of Australian women aged 25-40
2. Facilitate new connections to this target audience and support their actions on International Women’s Day
3. Establish CARE as a platform for women’s voices to be heard in Australia

"Her Circle creates opportunities for new audiences to build a relationship with CARE in a celebratory and positive way that aligns with the issues we seek to address, and how we seek to address them. Supporting women to defeat poverty is about recognising the power and resilience of women and celebrating them as community builders and change-makers and Today captured the inspiration behind our mission by weaving this positive framing and empowering narrative throughout the design of the campaign. Her Circle provides a vehicle for people to explore and engage with our brand in ways that put the audience (and therefore a potential new supporter base) in the driver's seat. Ultimately the more support there is for CARE and for our mission, the greater the impact for women and their communities." — Méabh Friel, Senior Manager Brand and Marketing at CARE Australia

Project Innovation/Need

To reach a concept for this campaign, we conducted co-design and research sessions with CARE’s target audience of Australian women aged 25-40. We took hypotheses into research, captured ideas and feedback and built out the final ‘Her Circle’ concept.

The concept of ‘Her Circle’ leveraged insights we heard from this audience:
- Creating change that could impact many generations is very inspiring and important to them, making them more likely to support.
- They wanted to see positive stories that reflected the leadership role that women and girls play in their communities, with communities having agency around how they take action.

The visual direction is inspiring, bold and community-led. It emphasises the idea of circles overlapping to communicate the idea of communities led by her. The style also draws from the vibrancy of women’s clothing around the world.

Design Challenge

The campaign strategy needed to equip the CARE team with everything they would need to execute on the campaign and bring the campaign to life in the lead up to International Women’s Day. The strategy included:

Key messages: Headline, subtitles and other overarching content to support the activation rollout.

Visual direction: An example of how the key messages and CARE’s brand come to life. Includes guidance on any specific brand elements for the activation (e.g. image treatment).

Channels: Guidance relevant channels for the 25-40 year old audience. Including proposed media spend distribution for each channel.

Content executions: Rollout to priority executions—including a landing page— based on the chosen concept to reflect the core actions for the activation.

Activity plan: Calendar of how the activation might roll out over time, including proposed BAU activity and moments to boost awareness alongside key campaigns.

Journey outline: High level acquisition journey mapped for new CARE supporters and how they might engage with the activation.
Future opportunities: Backlog of tactics to consider developing further over the course of the campaign based on user insight.

Measurement: Guidance on the metrics that are relevant to the activation over time, including proposed moments to review and optimise.

User Experience

This campaign positioned CARE as a leading aid organisation that puts women and girls at the heart of their work.

The Her Circle concept explored the idea that when one woman escapes poverty, she brings four others in Her Circle with her.

In her home, workplace or community, she is the change-maker, connector, and mentor that drives change for herself and for those around her.

The campaign asked the audience to bring their circles: whether it was their friend group, team, or network to shine a spotlight on women — and how when she leads, everyone benefits.

This impact was also supported by tactics like: partnering with another female-led organisation to host an event, a strong social media presence and an influencer campaign led by the CARE team.

The campaign successfully:
- Increased awareness of the CARE Australia brand and the issues they seek to address.
- Engaged with a new audience in the 25-40yo age bracket (a new potential activist/donor base).
- Created long-lasting brand value + offer non-financial ways to engage with the brand.
- Her Circle is a positive, uplifting, sharable campaign that celebrates women as change-makers, connectors and mentors and shines a spotlight on how when she leads, everyone benefits.

CARE Australia took the research, recommendations and designs and rolled out a hugely successful campaign. During the campaign period, there was a whopping 1557% year-on-year increase in website traffic and a 21% increase in brand search.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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