2018 Melbourne Design Awards

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Project Overview

On the surface, the Bowery job seemed like a reasonably standard land estate project. The kind we love to undertake. That was until one estate suddenly became two and things got really interesting...

Project Commissioner

Welsh Group

Project Creator



Lars Weisenberger - Creative Director
Alysha Sandow - Design Director
Jasmine Kaur - Graphic Designer
Cass Mackenzie - Graphic Designer
Janine Evans - Copywriter
Anthony Bray - Account Director
Michelle Davis - Senior Account Manager

Project Brief

The brief for Bowery was to create a friendly, approachable brand for a land estate in the new suburb of Deanside, that focused on community, the plans for the future and the natural landscape.

The client was keen for us to create a simple but powerful identity that could stand out in a highly saturated marketplace and really resonate with potential purchasers.

The twist in the tale was that once we had almost had our concept approved, the client asked us to come up with a way that it could be applied to two estates, both in the same vicinity, but still separated by several kilometres.

Naturally, on the spot we said we could, but it actually proved to be a tricky exercise to create a marketing and creative strategy that could fulfil all the necessary requirements.

Project Innovation/Need

As Bowery was inspired by the area's agricultural heritage, we really wanted to find some way to bring that to the fore of the brand. The notion of growth was fundamental to our brand proposition.

Originally we had hand drawn our Bowery logo so that it had a loose, hand crafted feel. However, we felt we could take it further.

We created a large format stencil of the logo and in the corner of the office, attempted to create the logo using objects like grain (something grown in the area) and leaves. Once we'd painstakingly crafted the logo, we photographed it, touched it up in post and bingo, we had a hand crafted logo that truly epitomised the history and nature of the area.

The concept was such a success that we even had a large format version created in grass and mounted at the entrance of the display suite.

Design Challenge

As mentioned earlier, it was a late change to the overall campaign strategy that posed our biggest challenge on this project.

Most creatives will tell you that 99% of the job is getting the strategy right before progressing to the creative execution. It is this initial thinking which forms the basis for everything that follows.

So, after we had put in the work to create our original concept, having the goal posts changed meant that we needed to reassess our approach and see if we could retro-fit a new strategy to work with our existing creative.

The process forced us to look at things from a different perspective, which actually turned out to be a great learning experience.

Ultimately we were able to make everything work and maintain the essence of the creative concept we had originally proposed.


The Bowery campaign comprised of a whole suite of print, digital and experiential components, all carefully designed to engage potential purchasers and take them on a journey that would culminate in an online registration and a trip to the display suite.

It was a strategy that felt like a "Choose your own adventure" book. We planned for every outcome, but unlike the books where you would turn the page and most likely meet a grisly end, our strategy ensured that once someone had demonstrated interest in the estate, we would attempt to further that relationship and get them to our desired result.

It proved to be a solid strategy. The pre-launch campaign was a success, with our modest investment in digital advertising, a teaser website and site signage yielding a large database of registrations for the sales agent.

Upon launch, the client and agent are confident that the initial releases will be snapped up quickly, however, only time will tell.

We're quietly confident though.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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