2017 Melbourne Design Awards

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Image Credit : Elizabeth Burns



Project Overview

Nestled in Preston, just north of Melbourne, was The Newbury; a collection a high quality, stylish apartments. The development was arguably the best in the area, however, there was a perception that because it was located in Preston, it was perhaps not as desirable as one located in neighbouring Thornbury or Northcote.

We aimed to well and truly bust that myth, by creating a vibrant, exciting, cool brand for The Newbury that would make everyone understand that Preston was "the new Thornbury."

Project Commissioner

Corno Nero

Project Creator



Lars Weisenberger - Creative Director/Copywriter
Sunil Maharjan - Designer/Illustrator
Lauren Bamford - Photographer
Ian Hickey - Account Director
Michelle Davis - Account Manager

Project Brief

Our brief for the development brand was to make sure that we highlighted the quality and style of the apartments themselves, while also showcasing the awesome, independent personality that Melbourne's inner north had become synonymous with.

As mentioned earlier, Preston was a suburb that was perceived as less desirable than Thornbury and the client was concerned that this stigma could affect sales. In reality though, the development was literally 300m from the border of Thornbury, meaning all the amenity that made it so sought after, was right on your doorstep.

We needed to create a brand that demonstrated that Preston was a suburb set to boom. Statistics and property market trends clearly showed the path of gentrification through the inner northern suburbs and Preston was next in line to experience a residential evolution.

All these items were incredibly important to the brand we needed to create, however, just as important was how we would express them visually.

Project Innovation/Need

Perhaps the main way that we brought innovation to this project was to place the core focus of the campaign on the location. The apartments were of an excellent quality and essentially, once viewed, really spoke for themselves. The location though, had a potentially negative connotation attached to it, so we really wanted to focus on it, to ensure that any pre-conceived notions were forgotten.

However, taking the idea of location even further, the centrepiece of the project was undoubtedly the massive 3D, illustrated map that we created. The level of care and detail that was put into the creation and rendering of the map was unlike any other we had undertaken. It was completely worthwhile though, as the map proved to be incredibly effective in conveying the positive attributes of the development's location in a way that was unique and engaging.

Design Challenge

The biggest challenge in this project was ensuring that prospective purchasers understood how well located The Newbury was, instead of simply judging it on the fact it had a Preston address.

To highlight this location in a way that was different and suited to the eclectic personality of the area, we created a highly detailed 3D location map. This map painted an amazing picture of just how central The Newbury was to all the best amenity in the surrounding suburbs.

The map appeared static in items like our marketing brochure and direct mailer, however, we also animated it for use in our video. This sense of movement really enhanced the overall product and helped it stand out as something quite different when compared to other off the plan apartment campaigns.


As of today, The Newbury has been a great success, with the development over 90% sold.

It is obviously incredibly difficult to quantify exactly how effective individual aspects of the marketing campaign were in generating this success, however, the feedback we received from the client, sales agent and the public demonstrated that the branding was very well received.

There was a consistency across the board, from our illustrated map and marketing brochure to the display suite and website, that really kept all touch points interesting and engaging. They not only captured the essence of the area and the style of the apartments, but they created a new perception around the desirability of Preston as a lifestyle destination.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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