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Brightgreen's D900 S Curve surface-mounted LED [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Photos by Brightgreen.





Project Overview

The low-profile D900 S Curve is a reimagining of modern interior lighting, offering an efficient, slimline, surface-mounted alternative to common recessed LED downlights.

Key design innovations and product benefits include:

• Unique low-profile design
• Direct wiring to the AC power mains
• Twist-lock luminaire replacement system
• 40° and 20° directional beam angle options
• Tru-Colour technology
• Seamless integration with a range of dimmers and automation systems
• Available in black and white finishes




The Brightgreen Product Design Team includes several Product Engineers and Industrial Designers who work under the guidance of CEO and Head of Product Design, David O’Driscoll.

Project Brief

Research into the market’s needs – including consultation with homeowners, architects, electricians, lighting designers and retailers – informed the design brief for the D900 S Curve.

During the preliminary research, the Brightgreen Design Team discovered that although surface-mounted LEDs are increasing in popularity thanks to the associated efficiency benefits, many designers still prefer the understated appearance of traditional downlights.

The project brief was to design a slimline, surface-mounted fixture to sit within Brightgreen’s Surface Series. It required the luminaire to have an unimposing presence in interior spaces, and eliminated the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation that could compromise the property’s thermal efficiency.

Numerous innovations were incorporated as the D900 S Curve evolved, resulting in the release of Brightgreen’s first ever Tru-Colour LED design to feature a luminaire replacement system and direct wiring to the AC power mains.

Project Innovation/Need

With the goal of creating a luminaire that would have mass appeal to the architectural lighting market, as well as provide homeowners with exceptional quality and long-lasting illumination, the Brightgreen Design team undertook extensive market research and product testing.

In order to achieve the desired slimline aesthetic, the D900 S Curve was designed to be wired directly to the AC mains. Its electronic driver was printed directly onto the LED circuit board, eliminating the need for bulky traditional electronic transformers. This compact driver solution allowed Brightgreen engineers to cut the height of the product down to only 26mm.

Ease of installation and safety were primary considerations in the design process. A twist-lock LED replacement system was conceived and refined to allow homeowners to safely replace the fitting’s light source when it eventually expires. The design also allows electricians to daisy chain multiple luminaires together during the wiring process, drastically reducing installation time.

Design Challenge

A fundamental requirement for the D900 S Curve was to match – or surpass – the pared-back aesthetic, Tru-Colour light quality and sustainability of the rest of Brightgreen’s successful Surface Series range.

Low-glare optics and Tru-Colour technology were incorporated to ensure that the fitting could be used for advanced architectural lighting design. After numerous tests and prototypes with different beam angles, the team decided to offer the design in two different beam angle options. A 40° directional beam for general illumination, and a focused 20° beam for precision lighting.

The onboard driver presented a new design challenge for the Brightgreen team; and extensive testing and optimising of the light’s electrical and photometric properties was required to ensure it met Brightgreen standards.

In addition to resolving the technical aspects of the luminaire, the form of the D900 S Curve presented its own unique design challenges. Using a combination of 3D digital modelling and 3D printing, the Brightgreen Design Team invented a unique twist-lock replacement system that allows its long-life LED to be safely removed from its mounting bracket and replaced when it eventually reaches the end of its 70,000 hour lifespan.


As part of Brightgreen’s B Corp certification, the company is committed to meeting a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Through the sustainable design of products like the D900 S Curve, Brightgreen hopes to reduce the carbon footprint of households and commercial spaces worldwide.

The D900 S Curve eliminates the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation required for recessed lighting. This improves overall home thermal efficiency by drastically reducing the costs of energy consumption associated with heating and cooling.

Its twist-lock luminaire replacement feature means only part of the product need ever be replaced – saving both materials and installation costs. The onboard driver in the D900 S Curve further increases the product's efficacy by decreasing electrical resistance in the design to more efficiently power the already low-energy LED.

The primary housing components of the D900 S Curve are made from 98% recyclable materials. At the end of the product's lifetime, the user can recycle it through Brightgreen’s buy-back scheme.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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