Key Dates

14 April - Launch Deadline
21 July - Standard Deadline
20 October - Extended Deadline
25 October - Judging
3 November - Winners Announced
6 December - Awards Presentation


Project Overview

Taitung County has always been a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists because of its rich cultural and natural resources. The government of Taitung County has adopted a "slow economy" as its development goal and has gradually built up the brand value of "truth, goodness, and beauty" exclusively for Taitung. Therefore, in recent years, the Taitung County Government has launched a variety of activities to allow visitors to experience the beauty of Taitung in various ways.

Project Commissioner

Taitung County Government

Project Creator

MBravo IMC Limited

Project Brief

Since 2018, Starry Taitung Night Concert has been organized annually in Taitung, and in 2021, the event was successfully certified by the “ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems” from the British Standards Institution (BSI). The event is the first of its kind to take a sustainable upgrade, with “High Five with a Sustainable Earth” as its featured theme. In addition, the activity supports the concept of local development, cultural equality, environmental protection, circular economy, and sustainability in environmental, social, and governing (ESG) aspects. With these event features and concentration, the event has considerably boosted the economic development of Taitung.

Project Innovation/Need

This year's “Starry Taitung Night Concert” is in response to the 1% for the Planet program, in which the organizers will count the number of participants in each event this year and convert the number of participants into an “Earth Tax,” which will eventually be given back to non-profit environmental organizations around the world. Accordingly, participants would be part of these meaningful and earth-friendly activities by just joining the event, looking at the stars, and enjoying the music. In addition, the revenue from the sale of the souvenirs, after deducting the cost, will be donated to the 1% for the Planet program.

Design Challenge

The event 2022 Starry Taitung follows the standards of the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems. It works closely with specific ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) projects in many prospects, such as energy resource conservation, green transportation promotion, green energy use, promoting local culture and tourism development, sustainability, light pollution awareness education, local employment opportunities enhancement, and local market boost as its planning and organizing guideline. The goals of ESG initiatives were well executed and realized in detail. Through these activities, visitors to Taitung will enjoy the romantic starry sky of Taitung while celebrating sustainability and polishing Taitung's sustainable tourism.


Sustainability is not only about environmental protection but also pursuing social equality, decreasing the wealth gap, and achieving economic growth. Everything we do in daily life will affect the future world. This project not only promotes the natural beauty of Taitung's starry sky to the public but also promotes awareness of environmental preservation. The recycled wood pallets are used to produce the stage recycling device so that it can be reused in each event, avoiding the one-time output of the event and reducing the waste of resources. In cooperation with companies that support the circular economy and social welfare, recycled glass materials and PET bottles were collected to make souvenirs. After deducting costs, the revenue from their sale was donated to the 1% for the Planet program. The solar-powered lighting and LED backlighting were used to reduce light pollution and achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction. At the event, paper recycling bins were thoughtfully planned, and recycled paper was properly made into handicrafts for reuse, indirectly fulfilling the spirit of environmental protection and realizing the idea of circular economy among the five aspects of “High Five with a Sustainable Earth!”

This award celebrates innovative and creative design for a temporary building or interior, exhibition, pop up site, installation, fixture or interactive element. Consideration given to materials, finishes, signage and experience.
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