Project Overview

The warmth of flame is the most origin symbol of a family, which shortens the distance between one man and another, and therefore arouses emotions and memories. This project is a congregate housing planning which targets the families in the nearby school district, so the designer focuses on the design of the parent-child activity facilities. Furthermore, the needs of residents from all-age are considered, so that a comfortable home for all can be built, the families can live a vibrant life, and the torch of life shall be passed on.


H.LOTUS Interior Design



Project Brief

The large scale of openings in the lobby introduces the natural lights in while the grey marbles glisten under the lights. The square plan and lines bring up a sense of neatness and order, and the greeneries that peek through the windows blur the border between inside and outside, softening the edges. The light over the reading desk is an extra touch, whose well-designed shapes like a leafy branch, stretching from the trees outside. This makes the room full of stone more organic and breathable. After a day of hard work, the greeneries and the forest soothingly greet the residents, and upon opening the door, an electric fireplace welcomes them. The glistening flame brings warmth into the space as well as the heart, creating a special atmosphere of home.

Project Need

The common space continues the pure and minimal design of the lobby, with light-colored wood and marbles. The large windows in the gym not only allow the gym-goers to enjoy the view while working out, but enhance the ventilation and increase the comfort level. The yoga room, on the other hand, is rather private. In the well-crafted soothing ambience, people can really relax and wash off the weariness of busy daily life. The playroom is the vocal point among the common space, with its colorful palette and playful decoration, as if a mountain in the wonderland is transported to the room. The families can camp here, enjoy some quality time with the hustle.

Design Challenge

Through meticulously placed deco, the designer elevates the rather simple space into elegance with depth. The designer has considered thoroughly about the needs of the residents, especially the elderly. In order to improve the living quality of the elderly, barrier-free planning is introduced into the space. The landscape design takes characteristics of plants in consideration and dedicates to accomplish biodiversity. By utilizing the strength of nature, the organic environment can grow with human, and keeps the flame of wonders in life burning.


The sky garden and the outdoor space are covered with greeneries and flowering plants, which would attract birds and insects to come and can be inhabited. This will lead to a biodiverse environment and therefore achieve sustainability. The greeneries not only provide a channel for the residents to enjoy the nature, but strengthen the ability of carbon sequestration and purifying the air, creating a livable community. As for building materials, Green Mark certified WPC furniture is applied outdoor for its durability, which can also lessen the consumption of goods. The construction process is supervised to meet the green building standard, and by doing so, the carbon emission is reduced to achieve sustainability.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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