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Ziffit App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Ziffit are one of the UK’s leading online marketplaces. They thrive on simplicity, offering customers a quick and easy way to trade unwanted media items.

They are a young, ambitious and fast-growing business that allows their customers to trade in old or disused CDs, DVDs, games, books and more.

We were tasked with building an app that first and foremost delivered on their company values, that could easily replicate the experience of using their website but with one crucial addition - barcode scanning.

We were delighted that early reports suggest that the customer conversion rate has almost doubled since that app was launched in Autumn 2015

The Ziffit team commented: Everybody who talks about the app says how easy to use it is.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



The app was created by the Brightec design & development team.

Project Brief

Ziffit wanted an app that could bring their successful online marketplace to life via a mobile app. In a crowded and competitive market, their app needed to set them ahead of their more established rivals.

We needed to replicate the experience of using their website but with the crucial addition of barcode scanning to take the app to the next level.

The barcode scanning functionality (via an API) connects to the Ziffit website to offer instant price look-ups and valuations by interacting with their vast database.

Of course, merely clever functionality isn’t enough. To create a truly successful app for Ziffit, an excellent user experience was crucial.

For Ziffit the most crucial goal was to improve their customer conversion rate. The best looking, easiest to use apps count for nothing if they don’t help the company achieve their core goals.

We were not only able to improve their conversion rate, but also help achieve an almost 100% growth in customer conversions for their company.

Project Need

The app's chief function is the user-friendly barcode scanner, which we built using a third party library.

The Ziffit barcode scanner allows the customer to scan any number of products (from an almost countless archive of items), but the app needed to return a price instantly.

We used an API to connect the app to the website which provides the price look-ups for each item scanned and allows for instant valuations.

Once a customer has scanned their items, the app provides an onscreen prompt to create an account in order to begin trading. This account can then be used via both the app and the Ziffit website.

This crucial part of the app was a complex operation, which we were able to deliver successfully, and within a tight project deadline.

User Experience

We pride ourselves on researching and delivering wonderful and satisfying user experiences through all our design and development projects.

For Ziffit, we recognised that speed and accuracy were to be crucial for creating an excellent user experience. If the app’s barcode scanner wasn’t able to instantly deliver the correct results from their huge database, then customers would quickly move on.

Alongside speed of delivery, for this Ziffit app a good UX also meant; simplicity, practicality, and a pleasing design.

We created an app that was more than just promptly functional, but one that customers use time and again. Proven by their almost 100% increase in customer conversions through the app.

Project Marketing

As an app development agency, Brightec are not responsible for the marketing of apps built for our customers, unless specifically requested.

Project Privacy

Brightec take issues of privacy & security very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that its users’ information is secure and used only for its intended purposes.

In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, Brightec has put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information that it collects online.

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