Project Overview

Upon the extension across the harbour, the 46-km East Rail Line (EAL) consists of 16 stations including the new Exhibition Centre Station. Exhibition Centre Station is located next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai North, becomes an integral part of the Wan Chai North business area and bring railway service from New Territory crossing the harbour to a commercial hub of Hong Kong Central Business District. Together with the Public Transport Interchange connecting with the station, it creates an enhanced transportation network that will foster further development of the commercial, convention & exhibition and tourism industries.

With the cross-harbour section, the EAL becomes the fourth cross-harbour railway. EAL passengers can commute to the Wan Chai North and Admiralty areas directly without interchanging; travelling time will be significantly reduced to 5 minutes from Hung Hom to Exhibition Centre Station.

Project Commissioner

The Government of Hong Kong SAR, MTR Corporation Limited

Project Creator

TFP Farrells Limited

Project Brief

The EAL has been serving Hong Kong for over a century. The EAL Cross-Harbour Extension marks a major historic milestone for the EAL as it extends across Victoria Harbour to the core business district in Hong Kong, connecting the New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island as well as increasing the coverage and connectivity of the railway network with more travelling options for the public.

The Exhibition Centre Station is an underground station located at the heart of the bustling Wan Chai North business district, adjacent to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Various station exits are connected to public facilities such as a Wan Chai’s footbridge network, a public transport interchange and Harbour Road Sports Centre, providing greater convenience to railway passengers.

Project Innovation/Need

Exhibition Centre Station is a three-level underground station on the extension of the current East Rail Line, connecting Hung Hom and Admiralty Stations, and is one of the newly constructed stations along the Shatin to Central Link.

The interior design of Exhibition Centre Station follows the classic mosaic style, a characteristic of MTR stations, with turquoise green mixed with grey as the main colour tone symbolising the sea water in Victoria Harbour in front of the station. The signature station name in Chinese calligraphy can also be found on the platform.

Art in MTR
The Exhibition Centre Station features some unique station artworks and displays. “Water Memory” is one of the largest MTR station artworks, covers all three levels of the station. Designed by local artist Warren Leung, it is formed by approximate 1,200 unique photographic mosaic capturing the seascape in front of the station at different moments.

“Remains of War” exhibits the casing of a World War II bomb discovered during the construction of the station.

“East Rail 100+ . . . into the Next Century!” is a display contains historic photo on the station platform records important historical moments and the evolution of the East Rail Line.

Real Time Information
The Exhibition Station integrates Real Time Information such as the “Train Car Loading Indicator” on platforms to show the real time platform conditions to facilitate passengers’ choices of time-saving and comfortable routes.

Design Challenge

Design Challenges – Deep Excavation in CBD
Deep excavation was necessary, and measures were taken to protect nearby structures for the construction of Exhibition Centre Station. Large-scale and complex temporary steel frames were installed during deep excavation, within the limited headroom under the atrium of
the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, in order to facilitate the “cut and cover” approach tunnels at Exhibition Centre Station. Together with regular monitoring and surveying, nearby structures and facilities, such as exhibition venues, commercial buildings, hotels and roads, were protected and kept fully functioning throughout the construction period.

In addition, existing underground public utilities such as pipelines and utility cables in the vicinity of the station had to be protected. These underground utilities required specific design, in some cases rerouting, before the commencement of construction work to maintain normal service to the community.


Planters and vertical green are provided near station entrances and the associated vent shaft structures.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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