Key Dates

18 August - Launch Deadline
17 November - Standard Deadline
19 January 2023 - Late Deadline
21 February 2023 - Judging
9 March 2023 - Winners Announced
18 April 2023 - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Photography: AX-ShiFang


Project Overview

The project is located in Mianyang City, Sichuan. As a landmark of Mianyang City, DFE Design started from architectural landscape, and completed the integrated system of interior design, operation planning, and art brand. It strives to break through the traditional paradigm of sales centers, and follow the openness and freedom of Jiangzhu's attitude.
The designer proposed the concept of "suspension", and took the lead in building a panoramic and transparent glass box, which was placed on the second and third floors in a cantilevered state. The contrast of the glass curtain wall makes the architecture, landscape and interior integrate into one, and freely introduces the scene and sight. In the glaze of the modern aesthetic building, a new art installation block is enclosed - the real entity of the life aesthetics museum.

Project Commissioner

Jiuzhou Qiancheng Real Estate Co.,Ltd.

Project Creator

DFE Design


Creative Design: Xiao Xiao, Junnan Wang
Design Team: Yaning Liu, Pengfei Ye, Xiangui He, Han Wang, Yunxiang Liao, Jifang Hu

Project Brief

The water element, which stands for Jiangzhu, is integrated into the interior structure, giving the overhead floor the concept of "sharing the river view".
Taking into account the commercial operation and later transformation, the show space on the second floor presents the appearance of a multi-form overlapping functional community, and will always serve the residents around the composite value of the present and the future. The sales space on the third floor is based on the demand for housing purchases. The excellent view is settled at the highest point of the building, and the logical closed loop of the exhibition and sales behavior is completed in the figurative vision that can be viewed, imagined and perceived.
The translation of the design language appeals to the brand. The concept of "IP + Scene + Art" came into being. According to the main body of the project, a happy and fat IP image of "Fat Beibei" was created. The Fat Beibei jointly created by a number of artists made a stunning appearance at the same time, injecting different spatial scenes into the scene. Young and energetic, it has become a decorative embellishment and an area that's perfect for taking snap for social media.
The front hall is the core on the floor plan, showing a radial moving line logic, while on the facade, the spiral staircase is used as the belt, and functional areas are laid out layer by layer and the aesthetic landscape is implanted.

Project Need

Jiangzhu Living Aesthetics Pavilion invited artist Mr. Yang Bingliang to jointly create a fashionable art brand with IP image of Fatbeibei.
Using the operation concept of "IP + scene + art" to plan 12 operation activities for the project, it aims to integrate the aesthetic elements of life such as art, home furnishing, fashion play and so on through the performance design of immersive and healing space, express the attitude towards life in the new era and discuss with the public about diverse way of living.

Design Challenge

The challenge of Jiangzhu Living Aesthetics Pavilion is the super-large volume of curved surfaces and arcs, which is a breakthrough in construction technology and the biggest design challenge. For example, a super-long structure streamer in the room is finally presented through exquisite construction technology and multiple experiments when most of the shapes have no rooting points.
In addition, the presentation of the dazzling effect in this project was solved only after in-depth understanding of the material market. For example, film, stainless steel, and sheet metal can perfectly imitate the dazzling effect.


Landscape design and interior planning, from the outset, were positioned for multi-functional sustainable use. The use of different functions in the same period, such as the creation of a landscape entrance garden, not only serves as an entrance path for sales, but also can hold various catwalk activities here; functional conversions in different periods, such as the planning of two entrance passages and paths on each floor. The use and management of pre-sales and post-commercial use and management are preset in advance, so as to minimize or even no renovations in post-transformation.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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