2019 Brisbane Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design, design champion, best studio & best start-up, plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage, growing demand for design

The Jury & Judging

The BETTER FUTURE Awards Jury is formed by the global design leaders of the BETTER FUTURE Exec Club - you can view some of our featured club members here.

The Award Programs use a ratings model that removes inherent biases among judges and ensures projects are awarded according to collective ratings rather than one strong opinion in the room. This model collects ratings from a Jury pool of global design experts who make up the Design Exec Club. As opposed to a knock-out process or public up-vote systems which amplify bias and encourage popularity contests, our ratings system ensures the quality of the project itself is what shines through. Jury Panel Ratings offer every panel member a number of nominations to rate, with every nomination being reviewed by at least two members. 

Want to be on the Jury?

Jury positions are allocated to Design Exec Club members. Take a look at membership levels and benefits which extend well beyond being on the jury and provide a way to super charge your network and profile in the Design sector.