Key Dates

14 July 2022 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2022 - Standard Deadline
13 January - Extended Deadline
17 January - Judging
9 February - Winners Announced

Project Overview

Situated in a unique location, the architectural project is inherited because it is cramped, only 46 meters long in the north-south direction and 69 meters wide in the east-west direction. Besides that, the building could not block the sunlight of the existing residential buildings in the surrounding area, so the project conditions are pretty harsh. Nevertheless, through the designer’s thorough planning and thoughtful design, a multifunctional, livable, and enjoyable living environment is built for individuals to live, work, and enjoy life.

Project Commissioner

Shanxi Guangyun Real Estate Development Co.

Project Creator

National unity (Beijing) Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.


Li Wei Shan, Li Xue, Liu Kai, Li Guo Fan, Li Jing Song, Huang Zhuo Fang, Sun Ying Zhe, Hu Yong Juan, Bai Qian, Dai Tong Xin, Wang Chen, Liu Jun Gang

Project Brief

By calculating the sunlight envelope in a limited space, the designer has inverted a south-high and north-low building volume to avoid the unfavorable sunlight factor. The designer planned the central part of the building with excellent south-facing light as comfortable apartments, with each apartment having an entire 22.4m south-facing width. On the other side, the podium on the north side of the building in the shadow of the building itself is designed as a condominium (swimming and fitness), and the first floor of the building is partially elevated to meet the needs of the fire lane and surface parking in the park. Moreover, an open sky garden is designed on the roof of the elevated part. The first floor on the south side of the building is designed with a reception hall and a private garden, which can be directly opened to the city and become a port for people to connect with the city.

Project Innovation/Need

The unique geographical location of this case and the owner's demands have triggered the designer to ponder deeply about the existing living style and create a new living mode, breaking the single living mode of the original closed community. Generally speaking, people want to embrace nature and get access to the park to exercise and work out. They want to live close to a swimming place and a gym. Individuals desire a home to enjoy time alone and a cozy apartment. Through the architectural design, the designers have cleverly combined various spaces to allow people to switch between multiple living scenes.

Design Challenge

It is worth mentioning that this case’s façade design adopts the neat point-line surface composition elements and the basic color scheme of black, white, and gray, impressing people through the simple and powerful sense of volume and smooth lines. The designer also adopts a minimalist approach, using materials such as marble, wood flooring, brushed stainless steel, and soft fabric packaging to create a simple shape, simple but not straightforward, with a timeless charm.


In addition, this designer has introduced the application of green technology in the building, using passive solar energy, low-carbon recyclable building materials, etc., to reduce the load of the building on the environment. Also, it realizes the idea of harmonious coexistence between the sustainable development of people, buildings, and the regional climate.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. The project can be a concept, tender or personal project, i.e. proposed space.
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