Key Dates

14 July - Launch Deadline
19 October - Standard Deadline
14 December - Late Deadline
17 January 2023 - Judging
9 February 2023 - Winners Announced
7 March 2023 - Awards Presentation

Project Overview

The designer creates a classical building by introducing the local culture into the space, adhering to the spirit of "goodwill, good fate, and beautiful things.” This project is a homestay located in Kenting, incorporating local landscape elements such as the chinook, fish poison tree (Barringtonia Asiatica), and the waves’ arc. Using the dismantling of characters in Chinese literature, the founder had chosen his surname character and its indexing components as the origin of the homestay’s name, reflecting Taiwanese culture.


Erdong Manor



Project Brief

Overlooking the building, one will realize that its base comprises two triangles connected. The designer has fully unitized every inch of this deformed land created by this unique geographical environment by making extra storage space and reorganizing the pipes. In addition, the team also cleverly used triangular elements to echo the terrain of the base. As the only building in Kenting that harnessed stone as its exterior, the building is matched with natural materials to reflect the interconnection between architecture and natural landscape. The welcome counter is uniquely set up on the third floor. Visitors will see the vast lawn and courtyard strolling to the roof, disclosing a green and fresh atmosphere. Implementing large-scale grass-skating fields and slides creates a fun area for parents and children. Extending to the bar area, the wooden floor is used to divide the site, and the black tone reveals a hint of drunken charm. Plus, the designer uses golden lines to outline the blossoms of the fish poison tree on the dark glass. The entertainment venue was built with stone bricks and logs, creating a primitive and rustic style.

Project Need

At the book wall at the corner of the stairs, the designer uses a wooden bookcase to store many comic books, and quotations from the books are creatively written on the wall. Visitors will feel the sensation of coming to a new world and wanting to stay. The entrance to the restaurant is interlaced with titanium-plated diamond lines. The corridor depicts the appearance of Sisal hemp. The screen portrays the image of the Foehn wind, showing the local landscape and gorgeous scenery. The accommodation space leading to the private area has some exciting and colorful designs to level up the visitor’s accommodation experience. The parent-child room is set in white and is arranged with colorful elements. Besides, various amusement facilities are set up to create an exclusive playground with much fun for children. In the other room, it is set in gray-blue and brown as the leading tone of the quadruple room, revealing a comfortable and tranquil elegance. The final double room is in grey, white and brown wood, accented with bright shades of blue and orange. The bathtub is next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, incorporating the view and adding an exciting vibe. The project is located in the southern country where water entertainment is abundant. Therefore, a golden birdcage-shaped wardrobe that can hang wet swimsuits attached to a water tray is designed to achieve a dual effect of beauty and practicality.

Design Challenge

For this project, stone, painting, and art furnishings are used to create an exquisite accommodation space. The designer uses local culture’s natural elements as ideas to create a unique space. The amusement facilities and entertainment areas create an exciting life experience, making every traveler want to stay.


The building is aldehyde-free, and the substances in the natural chitin are extracted to decompose harmful gases and reduce the pollution source in the air. The designer keeps the original fish poison tree by greening the base and increasing the planting area to achieve environmental preservation.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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