Key Dates

14 July - Launch Deadline
19 October - Standard Deadline
14 December - Late Deadline
17 January 2023 - Judging
9 February 2023 - Winners Announced
7 March 2023 - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Dirk Heindoerfer Photography

Project Overview

This project caters to a family with three preschoolers and a stay-at-home mother who dedicates herself to caring for the children; thus, the needs for the design must meet the ease of access and utility for them. Therefore, the designer placed an indoor slide in the center of the home, acting as the main area for children. The design allows the mom to see the kid’s activities from both the living room and kitchen with minimal obstruction. In addition, with the hub for children being in the center, the parents have easy access to tend to the children as well as utilize the expansive open space.




Chief Designer : Fang She Chen

Project Brief

The interior color pallet utilizes warm earth tones to distinguish an atmosphere. The interior builds on the friendly and happy family’s personalities with soft fabrics and pleasant materials. The bed frame in the master bedroom is clad in soft cushioning support and lowered height to minimize potential injuries to the children. The designer went with a different aesthetic regarding the boy’s room. The meticulous arrangements in all aspects show us that the designer cares for the clients to satisfy their needs and wants.

Project Need

The client’s children are still within early development stages, and with the addition of the epidemic factor, the duration in which residents spend more time at home is inevitable. Ample open space is created by minimizing storage compartments, and furniture satisfies the living needs of all occupants. Safety is one of the challenges in considering the design concept. The height of the slide’s handrails is measured to fit the children’s needs. A space is created under the slide, acting as a playroom or a reading area.

Design Challenge

The designer’s concept included maximizing interior space. Small hidden storage areas are positioned in corners and behind the slide to meet that expectation. At the same time, to gracefully integrate a slide into the home, the designer made proper use of the disfigured layout outside the original storage room by connecting the two areas through a beautiful mountain-shaped design to achieve visual compatibility.


This project is a family residence with three children. The whole case uses natural solid wood veneer and F1-grade low-formaldehyde materials to minimize toxic substances. Additionally, the materials benefit through the ultra-wear-resistant floor that is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. The material is Benjamin Moore water-based, environmentally friendly latex paint. It has dozens of international green environmental protection certifications to protect the clients' and children's physical and mental health.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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