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14 July 2022 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2022 - Standard Deadline
13 January - Extended Deadline
17 January - Judging
9 February - Winners Announced

Symphony of Lights [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Ar Her Kou Photography Studio

Project Overview

The design concept seeks to amplify the quality of life through rational and intricate designs. Light is used as a medium, and the entire area benefits from a magnificent light diffusion, perpetuating the comfort throughout the property. In combination with illustrious lighting, the warm beige, and gray color theme gains depth, inducing a modern yet simple and clean environment. The geometric surfaces and edges stretch and expand the area, creating a bright, spacious, and elegant residential space suitable for one with an acquired taste.


PJ Design


Chief Designer : Pei-Chun Chiu

Project Brief

The renovation design is created to fit the personality of one who admires simple, clean spaces with an easy and peaceful lifestyle. The interior blossoms into elegant and luxurious while remaining low-key and sleek. The client fits perfectly in this description with a cheerful and considerate personality that improves the atmosphere of any given space. The designer fixated on the concept of clean edges and smooth arcs to provide the area with an expansive and pristine look. Like the light in our hearts, the lighting quality offers guidance for comfort and space.

Project Innovation/Need

The designer intended to keep the windows unaltered in both the bedroom and living room while wishing to improve the property's quality of life. The interior went through extensive reconstruction to find just the right mark. The main bedroom has a unique implementation of a hidden dressing table, easily convertible to appear as a wall with a beautiful mesh sliding door.

Upon entering the premise, visitors will be welcomed with a lowered platform area to capture the filth from the outside world. Without creating segregation between the lowered platform and the interior, a low wall allows the interior’s essence to greet the client and visitors.

The uniqueness of this TV wall design is deliberately left vacant as the purpose is to amplify the beauty pronounced by the crisp light strips and an arced wall on the side. Combining these aspects brings out the realism of the wall’s texture, strengthening the atmosphere with a soul-cleansing aura in the living room.

In the second bedroom, an arc-shaped screen is used to improve privacy quality without ultimately limiting the view. The arc replicates itself from the same one in the TV room, projecting the same magical aesthetics.

Design Challenge

The design challenge lies in the aspect that the aesthetics must meet the client's request.

The concept was challenging to devise because not only did the renovation need to look beautiful, but it also needed to resonate with the client unconditionally. The design has been altered numerous times before ending up with magnificent Spanish-style marble flooring. After reaching a solid start with the flooring. The client entrusted the designer with every detail afterward, disregarding the limited budget and going beyond just to obtain the exact visualized expectations, skipping no element.


Efficient lighting is necessary to live comfortably, especially in homes with large surface areas. Lighting fixtures are unnecessary as natural lighting can flow inwards and provide a natural glow. However, a meticulous design is required for intelligent light fixture placements to provide adequate lighting in the evening. The goal is to install as little lighting as possible while producing sufficient lighting for a comfortable and balanced interior. This project's lighting systems are flexible, and energy consumption can easily be managed, putting the client's mind at ease in a forgetful Zen.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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