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Image Credit : On-Site Civil Solutions Pty Ltd





Project Overview

CivilWorks: Part of Your Civil Construction Team

CivilWorks makes on-site calculations easy! From sewer main to drainage construction calculations, road and subdivision formulas, volume calculations and more. CivilWorks contains fundamental civil construction formulas to perform on-site mathematical calculations.

A must-have for construction workers, CivilWorks is perfect for getting your on-site civil construction and civil engineering calculations correct every time! Stop costly reworks and delays with real-time job tracking for civil engineering management. CivilWorks is simple to use and helps get your jobs done fast and on budget.

Project Commissioner

On-Site Civil Solutions Pty Ltd

Project Creator

RU Advertising


Emily French - Project Manager, Designer
Stuart Sullivan - Lead Designer
Stephanie Sharp - iOS Developer
Houman Kargaran - Android Developer

RU Advertising is a leading regional advertising and marketing agency in Ballarat specialising in design, online, development and media. The CivilWorks core team consists of four people (a project manager, designer and two developers).

Project Brief

CivilWorks was created by On-site Civil Solutions and is based on many years of hands-on experience in civil construction and major land development projects. The On-site Civil Solutions team consists of senior land developers, civil construction engineers, civil construction managers and industry experts.

CivilWorks is for anyone specialising in:
- road construction
- water and sewer main constructions
- storm water earthwork
- structural construction
- subdivisions or landscaping
- earthworks
- civil engineering and management
- other related disciplines

CivilWorks provides on-site workers with sewer main and drainage construction calculations, civil engineering calculations and road and civil construction formulas. It is also great for calculating, converting and adjusting grades. The civil volume calculations will make material ordering more efficient, keeping projects on target.

CivilWorks also supports project managers to effectively supervise on-site staff and oversee remote construction tasks. Results of on-site calculations can be emailed to managers for approval, ordering and confirmation.

Built specifically for construction teams, CivilWorks improves the way important on-site mathematical calculations are performed and makes civil engineering calculations easy. With CivilWorks, you can reduce everyday hassles and prevent costly mistakes and rework.

Project Need

During civil construction projects accidental, yet preventable, calculation errors can cause development projects to fail. Calculation mistakes on a worksite can lead to the project needing to be reworked and rebuilt at huge, and sometimes bankrupting, expense.

That’s why the team at On-Site Civil Solutions, having personally experienced the frustrations and financial burden of construction rework, created the CivilWorks app; a simple-to-use tracking, accountability and calculation tool. CivilWorks is designed to integrate into the build process to prevent costly errors and, in doing so, prevent rework.

Importantly, each calculation result obtained by an on-site worker using CivilWorks can be communicated to an off-site manager. A remote manager can check and oversee the calculation step and identify a mistake before the on-site work proceeds. With staff trained to use the app, CivilWorks will help them get calculations right, read instruments correctly and set equipment accurately. In addition, CivilWorks effectively engages site managers as a second pair of eyes to catch on-site errors before they actually occur.

The time, resource and cost savings of using CivilWorks to communicate between on-site tasks performed and off-site management is immense. With CivilWorks, civil construction managers can effectively supervise their frontline staff, oversee frontline tasks, streamline project workflow and increase productivity.

User Experience

The simple-to-use CivilWorks app calculates, converts and adjusts construction grades. It also determines the correct surveying values for setting reduced levels, new benchmarks and jump up heights. In addition, CivilWorks performs basic area calculations, as well as cube, cylinder, stockpile and select trench backfill volume calculations that can be set to include weight conversion factors specific to the material being used.

Councils and public works authorities use CivilWorks to digitally record on-site construction tasks, encountered ground conditions, new asset builds and locations for tracking and asset management. Furthermore, a lost survey peg can be correctly and quickly replaced using the ‘Set Out A Point’ function of CivilWorks.

Increasing productivity and reducing expensive errors in calculations makes it attractive for users to try CivilWorks. A no-obligation, 7-day free trial of CivilWorks is offered to customers, giving them the opportunity to test all the features before they choose to purchase a 12-month subscription.

CivilWorks contains a range of instructional videos to help users learn how to use the formulas and calculators, and has been tested extensively with civil construction workers on-site to identify usability issues and areas for improvement. CivilWorks can also be used offline on remote sites with no access to the internet.

Regular refinements to the usability of CivilWorks are made based on user feedback, field observations and analytics data. New features and formulas are also released often to continue to engage our users.

Project Marketing

Generally speaking, anyone building infrastructure has a requirement for CivilWorks. CivilWorks users are from civil engineering groups, civil construction companies, councils building urban infrastructure and public works, water authorities and sewer authorities. They are frontline labourers and project site managers. Therefore, engaging this target consumer requires both a top-down and bottom-up marketing strategy to reach the managers and the labourers.

We are currently marketing CivilWorks with online advertising, promotion on the On-Site Civil Solutions website, features in published industry articles and attendance at industry events. CivilWorks is being marketed at industry-specific trade shows, by sponsorship or cross-promotion arrangements with strategically aligned companies, through industry-specific print advertising and by direct mail to industry stakeholders. These stakeholders include managers, CEOs, directors of civil engineering groups, civil construction companies, councils, water authorities and sewer authorities in our target regions.

We also provide free online training resources via our educational YouTube channels. These videos visually explain how to correctly use the calculations, asset recording and point set out features of CivilWorks. We are also engaging the civil construction industry by producing YouTube clips that outline the correct use of equipment for staff training purposes. Training workshops and online training webinars for best practice use of CivilWorks are also in development.

Project Privacy

Users have the option to sign up after purchasing an annual subscription for the purpose of accessing their subscription across multiple devices. Users are only prompted to sign up after completing a purchase and have the option to skip if they do not wish to provide any personal information.

To sign up, the user only needs to provide an email address and create a password, with the option to also enter the name of their company. If a user does sign up their subscription will be linked to their account, giving them the option to restore it or access it on another device. Parse is used to store the data and passwords are encrypted.

The Terms and Conditions for CivilWorks are displayed for the user to accept when they launch the app for the first time. The user can also view the Privacy Policy before purchasing a subscription or providing any personal information.

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